Teacher Training Information 

200-hr Yoga Teacher Training

For students wanting to become yoga teachers and for those looking to deepen their practice.

In this training, you will learn: 

-To create a strong foundation of knowledge and an enduring structure from which to teach. 

-How to look at the anatomy of postures and teach from the skeleton in order to develop a therapeutic eye that will let you build strong, yet safe classes. 

-Assists and adjustments that let students align in postures and move into postures they never dreamed of doing. 

-To understand the process of sequencing a well-paced class using verbal cues that are clear and precise. 

-To cultivate the ability to lead students of all levels through a challenging flow in an effortless manner. 

-Yoga Philosophy and how to relate its wisdom to our busy lives. 

-The neuroscience of yoga and how the way we communicate alters the circuitry of our brain.

-Physiologically how and why yoga works to allow students to move skillfully and effect positive change on and off the mat. 

In gathering tools to become the best teacher you can be, you will discover yourself. 

Join us, and realize the privilege of teaching yoga. 

300-hr Yoga Teacher Training

Your yoga foundation has been poured and the structure built, now it is time to create your unique yoga style. 


This 300- hr program combined with your 200 hr training begins the process of mastery, gathering the comprehensive knowledge and skills in order to serve your students and community more fully as a yoga teacher.


We will refine your teaching skill of language, assisting, sequencing, and alignment. You will deepen your understanding of anatomy, yoga philosophy, pranayama, and meditation practices.


This training is unique by employing the practical neuroscience of yoga. The way we communicate alters the circuitry of the brain, understanding physiologically how and why it works is another way to move skillfully and effect positive change.


Step by step, you will identify your area of expertise and with your final project, develop that expertise into your specialty as a teacher. The process of mastery brings more purpose into your life on, and off the mat.  

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